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Tersadung masa presentation???Oh My!!

Hi Readers!

Do you love presentation? As for me, I really do love presentation in class. It is true when people always say that presentation is hard. Do you feel like a butterfly in your stomach when you waited for your turn? Well, I do feel that nervous through all my head, heart, body and even my stomach gets hurts...Ouch...that is so terrible when it comes to presentation. Anyway, here's the tips for those who wants to be a good presenter, just for sharing:

Before Presenting:
  1. Well-prepared - Make sure all the slides are ready with the soft and hard copy of it. Always do backup for you file in case there is a blackout or technical problem with LCD and laptop. Do not block yourself with problems. Get solutions from it.
  2. Attractive PowerPoint - If you want to do something different, you may add small cartoon character in your slides to make it more fun see. Also, use bright colour to make the audience see the slides clearly.
  3. Make it as Point - The biggest and common mistakes make by people is the slides are not in point form. It can be seen as an essay in it. Avoid it! It might get you lost in the middle of presentation.
  4. Practice - It is also common word from people who really need to be the best.
  5. Killer Question - Always be in the judges' shoes. Think what will be the question that they will ask? Prepare as much as possible with killer answers! hehe
  6. Come up with Surprises - This is favorable for the audience and judges because it makes you different than other presenter. Try to make you presentation unique and interesting!
During Presenting:
  1. Smile - Even you are nervous, just smile !
  2. Confidence - Never afraid that you are wrong, just say it confidently. If the audience notify you are wrong, then just say, "thank you for the correction"
  3. Spontaneous - Never read all over your slides during presenting, that is why, you just put point in it and elaborate it in your own words just like you practice it before.
  4. Eye contact - make eye contact to your audience to get their attention to listen to you.
  5. Response - if you can make this special thing which get the audience response back to you during presentation, it will be great!
  6. Don't be afraid - Always encourage the audience to ask question! no matter how hard the question will be! because you need to psycho the audience and the judges so that they will be afraid to ask you question! ahah! However, like I said, always prepared with killer answers!
  7. Conclude it well - Just go straight to the points of overall of your presentation. Basically, it can be your own opinion or hope. Therefore, you can feel the presentation come smoothly.
Okay, that's all my tips to be a great presenter. Follow it well and I guarantee that you can be a great presenter as well as a great leader in a group presentation. All the best from me!
Just expect the unexpected!
Terima Kasih :)


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