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How is it like to be a tourism student?

Obviously, I am a tourism much different than any of my friends out there during my secondary school. Why? This is because I was in a science stream class, but it seems like I did not have that much interest in the subject. Although I passed the SPM for that 3 killer subjects (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), but still I am not into it.
In tourism course, I have learned so many things..People may have this stereotype about tourism that we always travel and travel and travel..Oh God.. Please do not forget that we also learned in business matters..if you think again, tourism is business. business is money.. but it doesn't mean that I obsess about money, but I want you to realize that people like us also have bright future if we know where we want to go. How about classes? I learned to listen on so much different experiences from our great lecturers. They had traveled almost all around the world. I am very excited to listen to all their stories.

Tourism industry is a 24/7. What is that suppose to mean? Well, some people in tourism industry, work for 24 hour in a day, 7 days a week with no day off at all. Sounds terrible isn't it? That is why, tourism industry has high turnover in terms of the employment. This is reality, especially it is related to hospitality service. However, they do have off day and rest of course..

I am so happy to be in this course and I really love to continue my studies on tourism. Especially for our faculty in my campus is very strict with the dress code for everyday classes. We are very concern about first impression. For the ladies, we have to put on make up before go to class just to avoid the pale look on our faces.We also need to wear formal dress during classes. Some of the classes are set to be compulsory for every students to wear blazer during class. It was really uncomfortable at the first place, but after a few weeks, I started to get use to it and adapt the environment. It is the same thing for the gentlemen, where they also have to wear smart outfit as long as it is formal dress code with leather shoes. Trust me, when you see a group of tourism students walk in the campus, you can easily recognize the group of faculty because of the outfit they wear. Really smart..

This is called training. We trained to be smart and fabulous in professional way. Therefore, I did not have any problem with formal outfit when doing an interview to other people in their company for our assignment. As a tourism students, we know everything about formal outfit in stylish way and it is not only about black and white dress. It really gave big impacts towards me as an individual, it helps me improve my communication skills. The way you dress, it shows your professionalism. It shows your courtesy to other people.

That is what I learned during my diploma, it was fun. Instead of travelling with so many experiences that I gained myself, I also learned the theory part in Customer Service, Business Etiquette, Basic Accounting, Tourism's Law, Marketing, Management, Sales and Promotion. So, it is not only about Tour Guiding Skills, Geography, Ticketing System, Cultural Studies. We also have 3 different choices of foreign language to be taken such as Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese.. 

About culture, I opened my mind to other things out there. I learned to respect on other cultures as well. No matter how strange and creepy their cultures are, but that is their way of life...full with culture.. You have choices, you don't have to adopt it. Just give respect is good enough. Our religion did not ask to hostile each other. Just live in peace with your own faith. That is how you go on with your life.
#1 During our Japanese Culture presentation.. I wore Yukata, the Kimono for summer time in Japan.

#2 My friends' group, they presented about Monk in Thailand

#3 One of my friend, Ira, presented about Apache tribe, really unique..

#4 The above picture was our group of presentation which presented about Geisha in Japan.

#5 My precious moment being in a Dean List for 3 semester :)

#6 Academic trip to Upside Down House in Tamparuli..even the car is upside down..haha

#7 My interview session with foreigners from England :) There were so nice!

#8 Interview session with Mr. Takahashi Kenro in the building of Japanese Ambassador, Tanjung Aru.

#9 Academic trip for 2 days 1 night on Superstar Aquarius Cruise Ship traveled to international sea..

That's all, bye!

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