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Mamutik Island, Sabah

On 22 January 2017, we decided to have some holiday trip in less than one day before we have our semester break! Therefore, we went to Mamutik Island for picnic and snorkeling!
It takes about 20 minutes by speed boat to reach the island from the Jesselton Point jetty.

It is quite cheap per pax since we got the student rate. We spent less than RM50 which consist of:

RM30 = one package of the trip for one island which include the boat fee, life vest and snorkel set. (exclude meal and the entrance fee)

RM3 = local entrance fee for the island
RM10 = meal that we cooked beforehand
RM 6 = approximate transportation fee per pax 'return' (since some of us use the UberCab)

All together cost us like RM49 per pax.

The price could be in the minimum budget if you plan it properly. However, it is free for you to choose whether you want extra water sports or activities like the parasailing, flying fish, banana boat and diving.
Since there is no strict options, you can choose as long it is suitable for both sides (supplier and customer) Other than that, you can simply choose the basic one with the snorkeling activities or visit other islands since Sabah has so many beautiful island!

That is all from me! goodbye!

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