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Poster War at UiTM Sabah

My lecturer said to us "Kalau kamu ada ilmu lebih, jangan kedekut untuk kongsi ilmu tu dengan kawan". That is one of the "pesanan" from her.. now I'm in my Bachelor Degree in semester 5 which will be my final year. Antara perkara yang mendebarkan masa degree ni ialah poster war. Rasa macam final year project sudah tapi belum lagi...this is just a small part of it. Great experience, great moments and one of the memorable one :)

The tourism students (Part 5) so little right?
Congratulations to all the winners!
I got myself a self-achievement (Gold Medal & Best Presenter)
Thank you so much to my supervisor who helped a lot in my writing and supporting my idea and polish it more. I feel that there were so many lacking off. But I did it anyway..It was super nervous because I had to present in front of my 4 lecturers, publicly. It was supposed to be only 2 panels but the other 2 just came in to see and also give comment and advice me on certain parts of my proposal which was very useful for me. 


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