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Tirig Hill, Sepanggar Sabah

On 13 November 2016, our Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management organized a healthy event called “GO Tirig: Hike in Blue on Tourism FIT Day 3.0” in conjunction with World Diabetes Day located at Kampung Lapasan, Telipok. The event was merrier because they organized extra activities in Tirig. Big compliments to the junior who work hard towards the event! Among all the hills in Kota Kinabalu area, in my opinion, this is the second easiest hill to hike after the Padang Hill. Heeeee… the hardest one in KK could be the Perahu Hill, I guess? Because of the steep hill makes it challenging for the hikers. Naa, that is just my personal opinion. Hehehe however, every hills have their own unique view from top, you will feel it as you reach the top.

Here are some sweet pictures of candies throughout the event (taken from my phone):

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