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Perahu Hill, Tamparuli Sabah

Hi hiking lovers!
Today, I would like to share a few pictures during my hiking activities with my classmates. Yes, only 3 of us. hehe. Hiking has been a trendy activities for the Sabahan since 2016. How do I know this kind of statement? Well, it is shown all over the social network sites such as Facebook and Instagram. So, is it a good trend? Oh yes it is! because it encourage people to stay healthy with this kind of activities. Also, for the hiking lovers will take it as their bucket list of hills in Sabah. Different hills have different beautiful views.This is one of the challenging hills for me because of the slippery and steeply surface (because of the rain) before reach at the top hill. For those who wish to go there, I wish you all the best and happy hiking! :)

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