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2 Days 1 Night in Kampung Sayap, Kota Belud

It was rainy season but we have no other choice than have to complete the assignment to climb the Mount Nopungguk, Lituk Trail Kota Belud. It was 2 days and 1 night; and it was for Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program under Tourism Marketing. The reason we went there to help in promoting Kg.Sayap as an Edu-Tourism places for visitors. Yes, they did offer so many exciting activities including trekking to see the cave and many more, but it will take like 4 days to one week to complete the whole activities.

Thus, our team had the opportunity to climb Mount Nopungguk, also one of the mountains in Sabah. It was very challenging for amateur climbers. You need more stamina to climb the mountain as it took us almost 10 hours, less or more to complete the whole journey depending on the individual's stamina. The good thing is that, they have the mountain guide who will always stick with you during the journey, so you will feel safe as long as you keep on track and listen to your guide.

Here are the pictures that we took during our trip in Kg.Sayap, Kota Belud. Enjoy!

Left picture is the highest waterfall in Lituk Trail.
We was informed to not swim there because the stream was too strong and dangerous.
We managed to take a photo at the first waterfall before we moved on to the second waterfall to swim! Yeayy
Since our program was about the edu-tourism, therefore, we went to SK Sayap, to held the program with school children and they have their own garden for that education. Lots of flowers with different type of species like orchids as well as the other plants. 

This was the view of Mt.Nopungguk from the classroom of SK Sayap..Subahanallah..

There were also many traditional music and tools that you can try in SK Sayap.

I also have the chance to take my picture..hehe

This is my friend, Umie, who walk on the suspension bridge during our journey to climb the Mt.Nopungguk.
Be very careful! :D

A very cute pitcher plant! 

Now that was the Mt.Nopungguk...

Its trail was very wide in this area....

By the way, I was amazed by these kids who were very natural in climbing with slippers! They made it like their playground.
We called them as "Future Mountain Guide", the kids were trained to be like the mountain guide. They were experts in the ins and outs of the forest and the trail! Amazing!
The signboard of Edu-Tourism

A bit blur to be read but we managed to get ourselves in one of the news (two actually)..great job!
Kg. Sayap will have more products to be offered in the future, so have fun while you in Kg.Sayap.
Thank you to the Focus Group Hiking Trail (FGHT) for giving us the best service so far! We wish you all the best!

For more info, just click this link: EduTourism SK Sayap Kota Belud


  1. Wah menarik ni ....
    N3xtime kak pip dgb kb, will make a stop over di kg sayap...

  2. nice view... :) saya dan tema baru nak melihat kawasan esok :)

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    1. betul tu sis, best sgt..ada masa boleh singgah :D


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