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Budget to Korea for students

It was not easy to earn money for travelling in blink of an eye. It needs effort for someone who is not capable like me. This is different for a person who travel alone or with spouse or family without using agent. Like us, we have to pay for a certain amount stated by the agent and pay it two months prior trip (we have to wait for the approval procedure). Thus, our group did some activities to gain fund. One of it was doing carwash services for the lecturer in UiTM. 

Here is the only amount of pocket money that I brought to Korea, and I still have the balance of 40,000 Won after I got back to Sabah. I got my family and friends' souvenirs and bought back some food (eg: Kimchi, beanpaste and seaweeds)..and myself shopping items (secret)..hehehe

 The poster created by Fiona for our simple advertising the office cleaning services.
 Here, the carwash activities happened in Gym area, UiTM
Most of the students and lecturers were super supportive to our fund raised activities. Thank you! 
 We also cooked in the weekend. It was tiring but fun!
 The food look so appetizing..
 We did some selling at the bus-stop of the ladies' hostel
These were some of the money that we managed to gain from the cleaning service. The lecturers were super generous!
Quite funny when I looked back at this picture of the money that we got from the fund raising activities. It managed to cover some of the miscellaneous things that we have to pay in a group such as the travel insurance and other things. This money is also for our contingency money. Pretty cautious..hehe

However, for the real budget (not by using travel agency). You can actually started to book flight ticket earlier so you can get as cheap as possible. Because the the only thing that cost us so much was the fight ticket. If you are able to find a very cheap one like AirAsia Promo, that would be great enough. Because the other budget in total can be below RM1,000. Yup, it's true. You can check out other people's experience on travelling to Korea as well. They can also give you some of the good tips! So, all the best and enjoy!


  1. bagus mcm ni, nak something usaha sendiri, so lebih terasa seronok bila guna duit titik peluh sendiri.

    1. betul tu sis, ada juga kenangan masa dekat U kan..


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