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DAY 4 in Seoul!

On day 4 was our schedule with the Gabungan Mahasiswa SeMalaysia in Seoul, Korea. We had a forum regarding Islamic tourism, Halal and other discussion by two experience Malaysian entrepreneur who opened up a guesthouse and a Malay restaurant. It was a good sharing session with them and we had a chance to dine in in his restaurant named, Kampungku.
We visited 2 universities: Korea University and Sejong University.

I started my day with a cup of tea...yumm
We arrived in Korea University
While waiting for the Malaysian students who study here, we took photos
We were exactly in front of the Woojung Hall, Korea University
Since it was 1st May 2017, that date was a public holiday for Korea. So, there were no students during that time.
We managed to borrowed one of their class to conduct our simple forum. All of these were my classmates :)
I was taking wefie with Umie, since Fiona was busy with her preparation on the talk session.hehe
This is one of the pictures with the owner of The guest house in Korea.
From left, Elazabeth and Aspalina ^_^

Haha this is supposed to be our group picture with Gabungan Mahasiswa seMalaysia. But it got blurred. FYI, the picture was not taken by our friends, but the tour guide took it..hahaha...that was the only not-so-perfect picture that I've got. Maybe we should just use our phone to take picture..hahahaha nevermind..
This is the inside view of the KampungKu restaurant. We ate Nasi Ayam Malay style in Korea! woww..
this was the picture when we visited the Sejong University.
Library of Sejong University. That was my lecturer ^_^
This is one of their lake in Sejong. I just realized that there was a guy slept on the bench..
We still in Sejong...
#credit photo to Iqbal. Photo in sejong
#credit photo to Iqbal., Iqbal in sejong
#credit photo to picture in Sejong. The background is their tower.
The alley in Myeongdong
The alley in Myeongdong
An aunty was selling snacks..hehe
in Myeondong (accidentally took a picture of a Korean couple)

Okay, the next day was when we went back to Malaysia safely. I will come back to Korea next time if I have money to go there again..hahaha okay bye2!

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  1. I'm currently stay here! tak tau pun ada program macam ni...kalau tau ade blogger datang, boleh gather...I need to speak malay with someone! hahhahaha

    1. wah..bestnya kak Sally stay kat korea...jelesss...huhu...
      Lama dah ni kak..awal bulan Mei tu lagi..
      kira aktif ni student Malaysia kat Korea ni..
      best dapat jumpa dorang ^_^

  2. Bagus juga bila ada interaksi dgn pelajar malaysia di luar negara...

    1. betul tu kak, dpt dgr story dorang study kat sana..


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