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Villa Valley View, Kota Belud Sabah

For those who wish to do some relaxing water activities during hot can visit this place in Kota Belud. My housemates and I supposed to visit in another area which also has the river to play with and already got famous in Facebook, but we got lost and at the end we found this place. hahah..okey lets go!

 we parked our car up here..the river is down there..
 so, use the stairs to go down the hill..
 we got ourselves registered in this hut. When we got there, it was free entrance, because it was not officially opened yet. (but now, you have to pay for the worries, it's cheap)
 The staff or the villagers are so friendly to us. 
 You can rent the buoy for RM3 only.
 They also provided this small raft to play with.
 Hahaha you don't sleep there with the buoy..
 Rina was trying to move the raft...the three of us so heavy ah? hahhaa
 Okay, there you go, it move! hahaha byeee
 Looks like there is 4 of us on the raft and imbalance...hihihihi
 we caught her trying to eat those sandwiches silently.. Hahaha
 They also provide toilet and changing we got ourselves changed after tired of playing around on the river.
 Hooraay! Its time to go home!
The entrance gate of the 3V.. 
Before we went home, we went to Padang Jawa in Alamesra to eat Ayam penyet..perghhh...

Here is the following information about the entrance fees.

Eko Pelancongan 3V (Villa Valley View) Kg. Nahaba,Kota Belud
Adult : RM3
Children 6 - 12 years old: RM2
Children under 6 Tahun : Free
Senior citizen: Free

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