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Subject for the whole 6 semester of HM111

Hi readers:)

 I just want to share the subjects of all the 6 semester in UiTM Sabah. This is special for Diploma in Tourism Management (HM111).

Click image to enlarge :)

Semester 1:

Semester 2:

Semester 3:

Semester 4:

Semester 5:

Semester 6:

Hope this info might help you guys...especially for those in practical training when doing your report writing...
Terima Kasih :)

HBU lagi??!!

Haluuu my dear readers ^_^

This time is my experience on choosing HBU course. It was part of your subjects in every semester (depends on what type of HBU that you choose). HBU is a co curricular with many activities (kokurikulum/kokum). During my time, they announce that if the students that have the PLKN certificate, they can skip for 1st semester without taking HBU, after that, they must join the TTS until part 3. However, if you take HBU since the 1st semester, you can choose other clubs during part 2 and 3. Got that? Another situation is when you decided to join HBU for the 3 semester, it also great because I did that. hehe.

What are the HBU courses? It's like courses of language then you can choose what type of language that you want. Again, during my time, there  are:
  1. Kesatria Negara (all marching part with other kind of topics)
  2. Tempur Tanpa Senjata (TTS) - continuation from Kesatria Negara if you did not want to join any other club in UiTM
  3. Kesatria Kembara (marching, outdoor activities-camping, kayaking and climb mountain)
  4. Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (I think you know it, almost the same as in schools)
  5. Marching Band-Pancaragam (learn all of the musical instrument)
All of these are the choices provided during my time. Other than that, the club during part 2 & 3 that you can join are:
  1. Theater team
  2. Netball
  3. Sports management
  4. Archery
  5. Tae-kwondo
  6. Rugby
  7. Others (too many...hehe)
In my experience, I joined the Kesatria Kembara for 3 semester. Hahaha, suffer?? naaaa... I enjoyed that moment for 3 semester. Got "A" every semester for this subject. Worth it right?? Got new friends, new experiences and skills part especially during camping. Trust me, we got special treatment from the commander of kesatria kembara, which means, they were so nice and at the same time very strict with discipline part. It can't be describe with all my writing, you can only know it when once you feel it.

Alright ! and again, do comment if any questions to ask for, I will help you as much as I can.
Terima Kasih :)

Masuk UiTM Sabah???

Hi readers,

Today, I would like to share with you my experience for being a part 1 students in UiTM Sabah (diploma) when I'm look so innocent at that time, haha.

You must be wondering what are the things that you are going to do.Well, first, all the part 1 students will be given a place in Kolej Kediaman (hostel of UiTM). Therefore, do not worry for the 1st semester (especially for direct intake). As in my experience, my dad sent me to UiTM Sabah and I went to the Dewan Serbaguna to ride the UiTM's bus then they sent us to our hostel (for the ladies).

You might want to bring your own pillow because they only provide the mattress on bed. They also did not provide bed sheets, therefore, bring yours, single size is perfect. Then, bring pail if you need it, because you can just take bath through shower provided. Don't worry because there are many bathrooms there. However, you can bought all the things that I have said from their koperasi or shops near UiTM like Indah Permai, Sulaman Central (location?just google okay..hehe).

My first day of orientation was the registration session at Dewan Serbaguna. But now, they have already move to Dewan Al-Bukhari, Ujana Sarjana, that one building with which is almost similar to Colosseum shape (probably....). That time, all forms like copies of birth and IC certificate might be prepare it well.

Along the MDS process, they will pick the day to process your student card, so they will need your picture to be taken..wear as smart as you can during that time. For the ladies, try to make yourself more bright look by applying make up. Believe me, you're going to use it for the rest of your life in UiTM, haha

Oh ya, I would like to mention about timetable.
1st day of class must be so excited right? here are some tips:

  1. Never ever miss the first day of your class because you might miss the important part of the whole semester. Trust me, I have been through that situation...Hehe... okay, if you have no idea where to find your timetable, you can ask your facilitators (kakak PM or abang PM they called it) specifically your senior in your course. They will help you as much as they can. But, if you are to shy to ask, you may want to search the UiTM student portal and go to the "academic" buttons. Click the "class timetable" or just go to this link below:

Then, to know about your subjects with codes through all 6 semester, you may click as shown in this picture,

2. Remember to register your courses/subjects because the lecturers need it for their record during the first day of your class.

Got it? great! Any questions, just put in the comment below.
Thank you and all the best! :)

Tujuan dan niat pertama~~haha

Hi readers,

The reason I created this blog is for educational purposes especially for those who thinking of taking tourism as your course in UiTM Sabah. It is just sharing experience and knowledge to all juniors of Diploma in Tourism Management (HM111).

As an introduction, I was a former students of DPP. I had faced various kind of experience during taking this course. This is just my experience to share. Take the positive one and make it as a motivation to all of you for your studies. All the best !

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