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it's semester break! yeaayyy

Assalamualaikum para bloggers....
hari ni aku sedang menikmati keindahan cuti semester memandangkan exam dah habis dan tinggal tunggu result lagi..uwaaaaa T_T

hehe x apa, lagipun sekrang masih lagi raya...ramai yang masih buat openhouse...yang sudi jemput tu terima kasih banyak2....ingat juga ye..hahahahaha

apa2 pun, baru2 ni aku ada buat openhouse kecil-kecilan sahaja.....ingat x ramai yang datang..sekali..haaaaa..amik kau.,,,dekat 200 orang macam buat kenduri doa selamat dah ni....apa-apa pun, tetamu tu kan pembawa rezeki....mudah-mudahan dipermudahkanlah pintu rezeki kita semua...amiinn....

ni aku ada gambar raya mau share2 juga ni....
lokasi? hehe ni di Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Negeri di Bawah Bayu....

Usukan Cove, Kota Belud

Hi there! Assalamualaikum...
Today, I just want to share some of my experience during my academic trip last year. It was at the Usukan Cove Lodge, Kota Belud. A great place to relax and have fun at the same time while learning some of the activities on reef check and planting the coral. Memorable experience whereby all of us were given the opportunities to use the diving gear undersea. Although it was not for the deep sea, but only the surface in the snorkeling area. We did lots of snorkeling when we did the reef check activities. It is to ensure how many and what are the new species that exist in that particular area. What a great journey! Now, lets take a scroll look on to some of the pictures that I took!

Briefing given by the staff on how to use the diving gear.
Small field, perfect for small outdoor activities with friends and family!
This picture is one of the ways to plant the coral in the sea. They used the frame steel and tie the coral on it.
This shot was in front of the lodge. (Me and Wawa)
A small dining hall, just fit for the number of people like us during that moment..hehe
A group picture from us on the speed boat.
This was my buddy partner during that time..say hello to her... :)
Well, this is the goggle of course...what is the difference than other is that, it is suitable for short-sighted people like me. Therefore, I did not have to wear contact lenses inside the water and it was so clear to see by using it. I am satisfy with this part! Good job Usukan  Cove Lodge!

Waiting for the next boat.....
This picture is considered as one class. Why? hehe because there are only five of us in the class. Excluding the others from another class. The one with the shades is our lecturer and also the one with the cowboy hat at the back is also our lecturer.

One more thing, the two pictures above are the view in Usukan Cove Lodge and the other two are the pictures at Pandan Pandan Bay which both located at Kota Belud. By the way, we went to the Pandan Pandan Island on the second day..hehe
So, I guess that's all from should try it to.. You can either go for a day trip or just like us with two days one night. We went there by using the package of Traverse. Although it is a bit costly but that is because it is including the academic activities and the buffet in our package are superbly delicious seafood!
If you want to have more and more info about it, please check out this page:

Thanks for reading! Adios!

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