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Tirig Hill, Sepanggar Sabah

On 13 November 2016, our Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management organized a healthy event called “GO Tirig: Hike in Blue on Tourism FIT Day 3.0” in conjunction with World Diabetes Day located at Kampung Lapasan, Telipok. The event was merrier because they organized extra activities in Tirig. Big compliments to the junior who work hard towards the event! Among all the hills in Kota Kinabalu area, in my opinion, this is the second easiest hill to hike after the Padang Hill. Heeeee… the hardest one in KK could be the Perahu Hill, I guess? Because of the steep hill makes it challenging for the hikers. Naa, that is just my personal opinion. Hehehe however, every hills have their own unique view from top, you will feel it as you reach the top.

Here are some sweet pictures of candies throughout the event (taken from my phone):

Mamutik Island, Sabah

On 22 January 2017, we decided to have some holiday trip in less than one day before we have our semester break! Therefore, we went to Mamutik Island for picnic and snorkeling!
It takes about 20 minutes by speed boat to reach the island from the Jesselton Point jetty.

It is quite cheap per pax since we got the student rate. We spent less than RM50 which consist of:

Some memories are meant to be forgotten

How happy the memories are in your life?
How you ought to be happy in that way?
What makes you happy for some reason it will hurt you someday?
Do you feel bless for the memories?
Do you ever think of it over and over again?
What makes you love the memories so much?
Does it sure represents your future?
Are you valuable enough to be in that level?
Will you be in that scene again for the time ahead?
Will you able to act the same pattern?
How do you make it happen?
Will you truly love that person again?
Does it ever makes sense to your heart and to your life?
What if the love that you gain will change your life?
If you leave it, would it be the same as before?
Would you ever regret of doing it.....?

Tell me, if I really hurt you then I will leave for good

There are some incidents than one person could not control the way he thinks, speaks or act.
It would come with its own reason but a complicated one.
Some would say, it is just an excuse to avoid questions.
or maybe it could be a confusion occurred in continuous time.
If the love made you get through all of this, then leave it.
However, stay still. If you still love that one heart.
No doubt that I would still love you until the day I die and be loyal to one man's heart.
I am sorry for my mistake on hurting you with no intention.
The word sorry could mean worthless to you...
To let my mind empty without it, seems to be impossible..
Then tell me, if I really hurt you then I will leave for good...

Poster War at UiTM Sabah

My lecturer said to us "Kalau kamu ada ilmu lebih, jangan kedekut untuk kongsi ilmu tu dengan kawan". That is one of the "pesanan" from her.. now I'm in my Bachelor Degree in semester 5 which will be my final year. Antara perkara yang mendebarkan masa degree ni ialah poster war. Rasa macam final year project sudah tapi belum lagi...this is just a small part of it. Great experience, great moments and one of the memorable one :)

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